a platform for distributed guidance.

mentorxchange is the next generation of knowledge management.

If wisdom is knowledge applied, mentorxchange localises the knowledge and experience people need, enabling them to tap into it in an agile, responsive way.


We enable users to build their own collaborative network for guidance and support by leveraging existing and additional resources


We facilitate employees to localise their knowledge and experiences so that others may tap into it in a flexible, responsive way.


By making skills more visible and recognised, we highlight talent and give it the credit it deserves in order to keep growing.


Large companies

Break down silos, engage talent and discover your organisation's learning requirements

Small and Medium Enterprises

A closed network of trusted partners specifically designed to help SMEs collectively grow and gain insights

Communities of like-minded people

Work with other Startups, Accelerators, and Networks to share in each other's hard won experience and knowledge

Start unlocking the power of 21st century mentoring within your organisation

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